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#StreamManager + mixer = <3

Yes you have read correctly! Mixer ist finally „a thing“. 🙂

In this News we’re talking about what You can expect about this decision and how the #StreamManager will make your life easier on the blue Side of Power. So this News is all about how cool we are and answering FAQ stuff … if you don’t like such a News you should close this one now but remember: We have some great other News on our Website, too … you can also (and I just wanted to say that) waiting for the update … 😉




Finally comes, before the end of the year (probably already at the end of the month of September 2017), for (formerly and enriches you, your stream and the website (in general) with its many features.

We are working hard so that you can have the hottest stream with the least amount of effort also on So rejoice for the full functionality of our housemade Services like the GDS™, IDS™, NOW™ and many many more…

Feature Overview

In addition to the well known functionality we want to use every opportunity Mixer offers us (and you). So we will start to connect the interactive functions of our Tool with the ones from Mixer to create a much more intense interactivity. Imagine that your soundboard could be directly under the stream with real Buttons instead of commands/phrases and all of this could just be an additional click away.



Will Twitch stay „a thing“ ?

Of course. With Twitch his scruffy Dashboard, the Development of the #StreamManager has begun and we do not want to stop the platform Support. You can „just“ choose now on the LogIn. 🙂


Will there be an Open Beta like we had for Twitch?

No. Mixer will be aviable in the free testversion if we’re done with all that coding stuff.


Will the Price rise in addition to that new Platform?

No. A price increasement is not planned at the moment.


Are more platforms planned?

Currently not. At the moment Twitch and Mixer will be the only two platforms we would like to Support. Which does not mean we’re not open for this in later versions of this product.


Do I have to reset my chatbot for Mixer?

Commands, Coins, Sounds and more are the same and already aviable for Mixer. You just „have“ to change the platform and need to reauth your botaccount. 😉


Is the discordbot compatible with Mixer?

Yes. Like the Chatbot you don’t need to change much stuff here. Maybe just the Announcement message if you want him to announce your Mixer instead of your Twitch channel.


Interactivity will play a role?

For sure. Mixer offers new ways to make the soundboard shine with the InBuild „Interactive“ functions. But other functions are already planned … also for Twitch! 😉


COOL! I won’t wait anymore…

Did you already buyed the #StreamManager? If so, you can get into the closed beta for mixer just by talking with me on our official discord Server. Please talk to (Wolfispielt#1617) on our Discord and I’ll let you know anything else you need to know how to participate in that said beta.

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