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#StreamManager – M.E.I.S.E

The next update for your #StreamManager client is almost standing in its starting blocks. Just a few minor bug fixes and improvements and we can push for release. I’ll use this small development break to inform you about the „M.E.I.S.E.“-Update.

What’s included?

Besides a couple of bug fixes (as always, thanks for reporting) and improvements (internal process optimizations, cleaning up the code, etc.) this named update won’t release without at least one new feature.

GDS now Supports „Steam In-Home-Streaming“

In-Home… wa? „In-Home-Streaming“. That’s a new Steam feature which allows you to take your games wherever you want within your home. Stream them to your old crappy laptop while letting your high-end power-level over 9000 PC do the work. All you need is a somewhat potent gaming rig and an additional device with relatively low specs on which you want to play on. If the second PC is for example hooked up to your TV (cause new consoles are too expensive :D) you can comfortably stream your Steam games to your living room and continue from your gaming session there… this is the real life, it’s not just fantasy!

Steam developed this technology really well and we think it’s especially attractive (and tested) tool for streamer who are looking for an alternative to expensive capture cards. The delay is, if both devices are in the same network and you don’t have a deadbeat of a router, almost non-existent.

Pro: Your streaming PC and the game opened via In-Home-Streaming only use half the ressources you’d burn for streaming on Twitch or Mixer anyway. Brilliant! (No, we didn’t get paid to say that!)

Well, anyway…

The Game Detection Service is gradually getting better at detecting already included, Steam-listed and new games which can be bought in the steam store in the future and updating your channel accordingly. Even when using the „In-Home-Streaming“-Mode. We hope to help make the streaming-life a little bit easier for you. 🙂

By the way… with a few small changes (no „hackerman“ required) it’s possible to use In-Home-Streaming for external games (GOG, Uplay, Origin, etc.) as well. 😉 

More details to „In-Home-Streaming“ and how to activate it can be found here.

What was your name again?

Names, especially usernames often are a complicated matter for streamer. It’s obvious that you can’t memorize every single one of them, particularly if you haven’t talked to a user in a long time. To help you remember, we included a notice and internal change username feature into the #StreamManager.

Simply right click on a viewer to add a notice or change his or her username. Change „L4zorBuddaay“ to „Larry“ in next to no time. Name changes will affect all incoming chat messages and won’t require you to always look into the viewer list to check whose avatar is „Larry“’s aka. „L4zorBuddaay“. I’d like to emphasize: These changes will only be locally and visible to you.

Orwo & Orsi

Ordis, the internal AI in your #Streammanager, received two new voice packs. Orwo as the male and Orsi as the female version. The name Orwo is composed of Ordis & Wolfi and Orsi is a mix of Ordis & Susi. The speech output for alerts needed a small overhaul and there only has been a male version yet. You can change the default voice pack in your settings at any time. The voice packs will only be used when you no other custom sound is set.

The female voice pack was narrated by Susi Isso. Again, thank you very much Susi for your time and effort!

We, at Kaefgames are very curious about your feedback.

BTW: To preview sounds (custom and default ones) simply use one of the !testfor-Commands. Find out more here.

Design suggestion: „Meise of the Storm“

Used Background image | More background images

What else?

  • (FULL) A logic error for triggers stopping the playback of triggers when the coin system hasn’t been activated at least once, has been resolved. Thanks @san00klp for your report.
  • (BOTH) When you try to add a command exceeding the chat message limits (with mod-status) of 500 characters (Twitch) or 360 characters (Mixer) you’ll get a pop up notice to reduce the lenght of your command text. Without mod-status the limit is 50 characters! To enable your bot to send larger messages, make sure it’s a mod of your channel. Thanks to @san00klp for testing.
  • (MIXER/ BOTH) Several INFO-Messages didn’t have a font color. Problem has been fixed.
  • (MIXER / BOTH) The way of reconnecting in case of a disconnect hast been adapted to grant the client (and you) a breather to process said disconnect. No worries… after 10 annoyingly long seconds there will be a reconnect (if possible). 
  • (TWITCH / BOTH) Fixed an error which caused the client to crash whenever the stream was ended and the it tried to grab the viewercount one last time minutes later. This won’t work when the channel is already offline. Thanks to @knallkooepfe for your report.
  • (TWITCH / BOTH) The dual-chat didn’t work since the last update. This problem has been resolved. You can chat in all connected channels again. 
  • (MIXER / FULL) The coin system has been using the wrong IDs. This problem has been resolved and your viewers should collect coins as intended.
  • (FULL) The coin system will now be turned off when the channel is offline.
  • (FULL) When the coin system has been stopped and started again (e.g. via your settings) there was a chance of it starting twice. This problem has been resolved.
  • (FULL) A minor bug for „GDS for SpotifyNOW™“ has been fixed, when Spotify didn’t connect properly or wasn’t active on start-up.
  • (MIXER / FULL) Trigger / Sounds are working again as intended.
  • (MIXER / INFO) the OAuth authorization has been updated. It’s recommended to renew your OAuth Token (Channel & Bot) to be able to use all the new commands, features etc. in full.
  • (MIXER / BOTH) Banned accounts won’t appear in your viewer list (like on Mixer) any longer.
  • (TWITCH / BOTH) Whispers didn’t have a font color anymore. Thanks to @san00klp for the whisper.
  • (TWITCH / BOTH) Whispers won’t ignore the setting to display chat avatars any longer. Thanks to @san00klp für the whisper. This way the until then unkown bug could be fixed.
  • (INFO) The setup has been updated. Please read the check boxes before you click install.
  • (INFO) The OAuth site for Twitch has been revised. It’s now more pleasant to your eyeballs  and the OAuth code is hidden as long as your mouse doesn’t move over the window. Please contact us if anything isn’t displayed correctly. 
  • (INFO) Whole 12 new channels made into our IDS with ease (among them, sadly, many streamer) and are now banned globally from all #StreamManager channels. As always, thanks to you for your help in this matter. If you get harassed in your livestream, feel free to report these users here:
  • (BOTH) Messages which get blocked by the IDS will no longer be displayed in your client.
  • (FULL) Games with the same .exe are now correctly distinguished by the GDS. This problem occurs for example with the „Portal“ and „Garry’s Mod“ due to both of them sharing the „hl2.exe“.
  • (BOTH) You can preview your selected sound with set volume in the audio settings.  Alternative: !testfor-Command.
  • (INFO) The GDS now sorts GW2 players (with or without addons) into the Guild Wars 2 category. We know, there also exists the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire category, but the majority on twitch seemed to agree to only use the Guild Wars 2 category. This contradicts our aspiration to always categorize you correctly, however, your channel should be found by the community. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • (BOTH) There is a new Plopp-mode. The previous „always plopp“ mode now plopps for every message in your chat instead of plopping only for the first message of every user. The old mode has been renamed into „normal plopping“ and keeps the known mode. Your own chat bot won’t trigger a plopp in none of the modes to avoid confusion.
  • (FULL) SpotifyNOW™ accepts your song requests and/or plays the default playlist as intended again. This hasn’t been possible since the last Spotify client update. Several new permissions have been added, enabling the manager to send request over the web API from Spotify. The former local API doesn’t exist any longer.
  • (FULL) The SpotifyNOW™ default playlist does no longer have to be owned by you. You can now select playlists from your friends as your own default playlist. \o/
  • (FULL) SpotifyNOW™ now automatically deactivates the shuffle & repeat mode when song requests are activated and a request is entered. 
  • (INFO) The Mute-Ads function from SpotifyNOW™ has been deleted. The function was based on the local API which no longer exists.

The full changelog can be found here: 


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What does „M.E.I.S.E“ even mean?

Meise aka Meisenkoenigin named the indev builds. Since then they bore the name „Schnitzelbuilds“. This update is a big thank-you for her great support and our amazing friendship!

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