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Far more than 'just' your Chatbot for Twitch

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With our stream tools „made for streamers“

Your session will be perfect.

Even if we can not take everything from you … speaking for example. 😉

Your style, your bot & our support

You do not like the look? You want more individuality and miss that on other tools? OKAY!! In the settings you can customize the look of your #StreamManagers to your liking. Background, font color and more you have millions of color combinations available … just the whole color spectrum that our world has to offer.

Now that your #StreamManager looks like you’ve imagined, our smartly designed bot will guide you on all your adventures. He ensures that spammers and well-known bully can not get a foothold. We have made the chatbot what it should be for you: A faithful companion!

Something is not quite clear and our wiki will not help you? No problem! We’re here for you. Call us with the !calladmin Command and we’ll come …

Download for free & try*
Unlock everything
*An activated account on the website is required. The trial version does not include all features of the full version and/or only in limited form. For the full range of functions, the full version is required.
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Wherever you are

Whatever Game you Play or whichever your Content is. The #StreamManager is always ready to support you on all your Adventures.

Resource saving

Nothing is worse than Software that consumes CPU or GPU power and increases your ping. The #StreamManager is also optimized for weaker Systems and Connections.

Made for and by Streamers

Your Feedback and your experiences with the #StreamManager are important to us. We're not building this toolset just for us and our needs. Just let us know if something is not working or can be improved. You have a unique Idea? Tell us about. We are listening! 🙂

Your bot is your companion

Commands, Name of your Bot, Welcome new Follower or not? Set the bot that suits you best. In addition: Your bot can now also interact with integrations if desired and thus e.g. manage your Discord server.

Save your precious time

Set your tool as you like it and forget about the others ... you will not need more.

Community Help & Support

Experienced users and our support are at your side for questions and problems.

Stats and more

A little competition has not hurt anyone yet. Use !stats on #StreamManager Channels and measure yourself with the others. 😉

Game Detection Serviceâ„¢

Why wasting so much time to figure out how a Game is called? Leave that to our GDS! The #StreamManager Game Detection Serviceâ„¢ (or in short: GDS) detects your current running game and sets it up for your Twitch channel.

You’re no longer in need of leaving the Game (to switch the Category): „Hang the hook“ (it’s just that simple) and enjoy this unique, optional service which, thanks to your help, will be extended by 1-5 games almost every day.

Which games are recognized?

Dualchat now!

We said that computing power is important to us. For this reason, an extra browser tab with the #StreamManager, even with dual streams, is not necessary.

Use the dual chat feature to be able to read the chat of all your stream partners or just to read the chat from other channels (please note the rules of the respective streamer!)

Use /dual join CHANNELNAME to join a channel 

or /dual leave CHANNELNAME or -a to leave a Channel or all the joined Channels (except yours ofc.)


Because the chat is full of them!

The #StreamManager recognizes all official Twitch Emotes natively as well as the emotes to which you and / or your viewers have access (chargeable sub-emotes).

But that’s not enough …

That’s why the #StreamManager also supports channel and global emotes from external services like BTTV (BetterTwitchTV) and FFZ (FrankerFaceZ) in your as well as all joined dual chats.

Musik with NOWâ„¢

Whether Spotify, Winamp or VLC media player. For these services, there is the NOWâ„¢ Service at your #StreamManager.

If you connect, for example, with SpotifyNOWâ„¢ or YouTubeNOWâ„¢ you can listen to music requests, let the GDSâ„¢ control your volume or just show your audience what you’re currently listening.

WinampNOWâ„¢ and VLCmpNOWâ„¢ are purely for displaying the played song, song requests are not possible.

and many more...

The Bot, also for your Discord!

Get our chatbot in your Discord now!

This integration is free for everyone and extensible for anyone with a #StreamManager client. Our chatbot comes to your Discord and looks after your new members on request.

Write !help to learn more about the commands and !help <command> (without <>) to learn more about a specific command. Crazy!

Here we go!

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