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KaefCRAFT: Maintenance on 05/23/2016

Hello travelers,

We’re happy to announce a brand new Changelog for our Minecraft Server called KaefCRAFT! Hit the blocky „read more“ Button to get all the Informations you’ll need to successfully stay up-to-date with our servers changes. Changes that fill your stomach with a lot of love and joy.

And never forget: Tell us in the comment section below about what you thinking! As always we’re proud of you (if you do)!

Changelog on 05/23/2016

  • Realm
    • Updating the Blocks up to 1.9.4 *aw yiss*
    • Forcing our Plug-Ins to update…they have followed the call!
    • SkyIsland Initiative
      • Removed some old dusty Islands
      • Minishop rotation
    • Added Thirst
      • Making use of the water bottles in Minecraft for a more RPG feel.
        • For those cold artic areas snowballs can be melted into water bottles, plus mechanics of water bottles has been changed to allow stacking of water for those long journeys across the deserts.
    • Armor weight added
      • Heavier armor makes the player more immovable and slower.
        • Decide twice if you want that heavy but strong diamond armor or if that swift leather armor would be better.
        • Heavier armor can raise your thirst, too.
        • How weight works
          • A „normal“ Minecraft player weighs 100
          • Less weight (e.g. 80) means lighter (= faster)
          • More weight (e.g. 120) means heavier (= slower)
          • Player weight = normal weight + armor weight
          • A „normal“ Minecraft horse weighs 500
          • Horse weight = normal weight + rider (player) weight + armor weight
    • Added more Realism for Buckets *BETA*
      • No infinite water sources anymore
        • You have to use the Nature around your home for Farms and stuff
        • All already created infinite water sources are aviable after that update
          • maybe we’ll remove them from time to time
    • This blockscalated quickly!
      • Do not think too much about that entry in our changelog!

Spread the word and share this news with your friends…your blocky friends…on Minebook. We’re proud of you (if you do)!

The maintenance starts at 09.00 and ends at 12.00 ! After that Maintenance all the above announced features are aviable for you to test and lever and debug and oh look there’s a rabbit.

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Simon | CakeAtWork
Simon | CakeAtWork
23. Mai 2016 9:51

Macht das Überleben nochmal interessanter 😀

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