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#StreamManager – Update Preview #4

Anyone whos eagerly following the news, knows what this kind of post is about. In short: We take a look at what’s next on our to-do-list and you can celebrate with fireworks and champagne (or any drink of your choice) if your suggestions made it into the next, still in development, maybe never to be finished, just end the sentence now, please…. UPDATE. #dealwithit


“First” first things first before another first things first: Thanks to @knallkooepfe who’s helping us (always) out with a lot of translation work (even for our Game). You’re our personal hero! <3


Backup my Data

First things first: Thank you for your Feedback! We put a lot of thought into how you can save your valuable time after a reinstallation in the future.

We’ll implement a backup-function so that you won’t have to remember and reconfigure your settings after reinstalling the Streammanager. This will allow you to save your most important data at any time. then you can copy your backup-file onto a system of your choice (e.g. the cloud, usb-flash-drive or external hard drive) to help you get started without trouble.


The Chatbot and myself

How should I name my chatbot? Do I even need those settings? Some of you might have wondered about these or other questions. We want you to be able to get your own chatbot up and running as simple as possible.

Therefore we’ll change the way chatbots are being set up and authenticated. We talked in an earlier post about our goal to provide so-called “default bots” that will allow you get started hassle-free. It will save you a lot of time and questions.


Links are meant to be clicked

Well…most of the time anyway. In general: Only click trustworthy links (like ;D)! Which brings us to our next feature: Clickable links in chat. Links will open in your standard browser. Not much more to say…

…or is there?

There is … one more thing: Should your better, digital half purge a poor viewer (cause he’s innocent for ...commenting with multiple dots leaving no spaces between them and the following word, … or he’s simply impatient) you’ll be able to repost the link with a click on the <insert unbelievably beautiful UI icon which makes it instantly clear it’s for reposting links> button which will be located at the relevant messages. Mind-blowing!


GDS 2.0

Our Game Detection Service is always getting better. Thanks to your help, the Streammanager is able to detect and automatically adjust over 160 Games (and counting) for your Twitch and Mixer channels in 2017. I’m not good with numbers but the boys from the lab told me that you’ve been saving tons of time to spend on your favorite hobby…but I’m rambling…

As if we’d count it ourselves! :’)

But that’s not the best we can and want to do! We’ll also expand our API internally with an additional component (don’t worry, you don’t have to be interested in this but we just want to sound swanky and our competitors shall know that we will CRUSH THEM WITHOUT MERCY…in our dreams) and we’ll start to provide support for the first consoles (not to confuse with the first console generation). The Xbox will be the first supported console. Why not PlayStation? Elementary, my dear Wats…eh reader: I myself (Wolfi) have only a Xbox One accessible to me. Thats it! #dealwithit

Console gamers may rejoice about a future better digital half to automatically detect and update your currently running games on your twitch and mixer channels. You’ll get more info soon™ when our first tests yield positive results.


For now, these are our key features which will have a big influence on the future of the world’s best toolset. Naturally, we didn’t forget your feedback and even if we didn’t talk about it in recent posts, it’s still on our to-do-list! Each update will improve the Streammanager. Thanks again for your avid feedback and please do tell us, how you like the news we announced today. Is there nothing interesting for you or have you been expecting this? Are you a visionary who can tell us about our future money bin with endless coins which we yearn for so much? Then leave us a comment. We would be thrilled about that… (and of course the money bin :P)!

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