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#StreamManager – Hotfix Update (1.0.5 B2 R3 P1_20)

This News only contains the Changelog.


Booth = For booth Versions | Free = For the Free Testversion | Full = For the Paid Version


  • (BOOTH) The 50x bug in the viewercount and in the “is live” query, which caused the manager to crash, has been defeated once again. Twitch should (as before) check out what’s going on with their servers …
  • (BOOTH) The LogIn has changed and should detect Password changes much faster now. We also added the possibility to have “!,? etc.” in your Passwords yay!
  • (BOOTH) A new and shiny Crash Handler has been added. He will show up if your Client crashes for reasons. Send us logs or do it manually!
  • (BOOTH) The Files “latest-follow.txt” and “latest-sub.txt”, which you could use to embed on your Overlay in OBS, are now generated on first Startup and not like before when the Event happens.

Game Detection Service

  • (FULL) The overall Performance of the GDS is now much better which also reduced the usage of resources on your Hardware.
  • (FULL) A lot of new Games are now on our list. As always: Thanks for your help … GDS List!

Triggered Emotions

  • (FULL) The Triggered Emtions List (!sounds, !trigger) now has a additional spacing after the “,” so that Emotes (if aviable) get posted as such in the Streamchat.
    • If aviable means: Only official Twitch and Mixer Emotes + Sub Emotes if your Bot is a Subscriber/Follower of you or someone.
  • (FULL) Trigger are now Case sensitive. You can now use terms twice like “Help” or “help” or “HeLP” etc.


  • (BOOTH) The “Fake Donation Check” is no longer Case sensitive. He detects now “HAS DONATED” as well as “Has Donated” (etc.) in the /me Command.


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