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KaefGAMES StreamManager

Unser Preis/Our Price: 14.99

ATTENTION: Usage only possible with an activated Webaccount! Please add your channelname to the additional informations field on your order so we can activate your channel.

With the KaefGAMES Entertainment StreamManager you can easily manage your Streamingchannel, start Giveaways, post your currently playing Music from Spotify or Winamp to the Chat and many many more. Your Dashboard for your favorite Streamingservice was never easier to use and nicer looking.

All the Theme Previews (Gallery images) are just examples how you could change the look of your #StreamManager. The changed Themes are NOT included. You can, of course, change the design to fit your needs. Send us a Screen of your Theme on Twitter. 🙂


Available for…


Available in…

  • English (enUS)
  • German (deDE)


  • Stream-Title managing and changing
  • Stream-Game managing and changing
  • Chat & Viewerlist
  • Blocks well known Fake Chatters (Chatbots) lurking around in Channels (Twitch & Mixer)
  • Dualchat Feature
    • Chat comfortably (e.g. Dualstreams) with as many channels as you want. An external browser tab is not required!
    • Supports Emotes from FFZ and BTTV!
  • Idiot Detection Service™
    • Activate the global protection against known bullies
  • Game Detection Service™
    • Detects the currently played Game and changes it on your Channel*
  • Chatbot inklusive
    • Create automatic messages
    • Commands (as much as you want)
    • Choose a Name (if aviable!)
    • Ban Spammers automatically
    • CoinSystem
    • Follow-Alert
    • Sub-Alert
    • Bits-Alert (Twitch only)
    • Deathcounter
    • and many more…
  • Spotify/WinampNOW™
    • Save the currently played Title as Text in a Textfile so you can use it on your overlay in OBS/XSplit etc.
    • !song Command for your viewers (Posts the currently playing Song to the Chat)
  • #StreamManager Interactive™
    • Create with the “Triggered Emotions” easily your own Soundboard
  • GiveMEaway™ 2.0
    • Automatically numbered list of your keys
    • Stores keys in separate text file (keys.txt)
    • Can Play Sounds
    • Sounds can get changed
    • Early-Bird Giveaways possible
    • PN with Key to the Winner over the Tool
  • Automatically Updates with KaefNET

and many, many more…

* Only supported Games getting detected

You first want to try? You can! Without runtime, as long as you want, DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE!


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