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Your connection to all what your KaefGAMES heart desires

All your games, software and servers at one place

A big Community

Start and play right away


All your Games, Software and Servers at one place

Play your Games, use your Software

You can access your KaefGAMES games and software in no time and play or use them instantly. If you’re not playing or have the software open, the app automatically updates every game and software to the latest, required, version.

Discover new Adventures

Click through the game list or through the servers. They are all waiting for you with their very own story and world to discover…

Stay up-to-date

In the KaefNET app you will also find selected news about KaefGAMES games, events, fan articles and much more – so you will stay up to date with all the news from KaefGAMES. In addition, some community servers (if they have their own website, for example) also contain selected news about the respective servers offered.

A big Community

Make new friends and see what's being played

Click through the servers and see who plays, where, how and what. If the game servers allow it… of course.

Do you prefer to watch rather than play (or even both)?

On the #StreamManager page, you can immediately see who is streaming and what is being streamed.

Server for everyone

In addition to our specially hosted servers, you will also find some, other community game servers to play on. All servers are carefully selected by us and offer for beginners as well as professionals exactly the kind of challenge you are looking for. In addition, the owners of the servers are always available for a friendly chat. 😉

Do you host a game server yourself?
We are always looking for more cool, projects that can enrich our community. Write to us and we will talk about everything else…

And don’t worry: the control of the server remains with you, of course!

Enter our Community Discord

On our Discord there are not only several games-related, chat channel also some voice channels with which you can easily work together as a group. Dare to join the channel, no one bites here!

Get started and play with us

Download the KaefGAMES KaefNET Desktop App – it connects you to everything your KaefGAMES heart desires!

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