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Enter the Portal

On Frostwolf (2.4.3) you can relive the world of “World of Warcraft” as you last saw and experienced it in 2007. Free.

Re-emerge your old flame and re-enter the Dark Portal to confront the mighty demons and their allies.

Everything is as you know it from then.*


Create a guild and invite your friends to join it or spend your evenings at the countless events this world has to offer.


But no matter what you do…

Whether you’re fighting for the Horde or for the Alliance, or just pushing up the portal prices in the capital as a magician…

Frostwolf (2.4.3) is waiting for you!

Play now
*An activated account on the website is required. The KaefNET Client allows you to download the game client without stress and exclusively includes the possibility for account creation as well as other advantages.
! There are no plans to create an account in any other way !

Twink at Frostwolf

On Frostwolf you have the opportunity to call another character from you at any NPC.

Your character will help you with quests, take and complete them, collect items, trades with you, sells his scrap and more…

Just write your Twink “help” in a private message to find out more what your Twink can do for you (and you for it).

Frostwolf WoW Twinks
Frostwolf WoW Wochenend-Event

Even more Experience at the Weekend

In order to really make the most of your playing time and life, we always host the weekend, starting on Friday from 13:00 (CEST/MESZ) until Sunday at 23:00 (CEST/MESZ), an Event that brings you more experience and also more gold for each killed opponent and every completed quest.

So the start or the leveling to the highest levels goes quite loosely by the hand…


Treasure Goblin*

Get your daily reward with this unique “Battlepass system” and earn gold, mounts, reputation rewards, and more…

All you have to do is: Playing!

* System not yet fully implemented. It’s a teaser!

Made… from you!

Visit us on Discord!

Talk outside Frostwolf and World of Warcraft. Also about other games!

Chat with your friends in our Community Discord via our WoW server, or on other topics that move you.

Our team is also on hand to help you with questions and problems. Crazy!

Let's go!

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