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Cloudpost VII – Lore – A similar Universe

First Written Lore

Hi, we’re still alive.
It would probably be a good idea to introduce you to our Cloudpost VII Universe. The meaning of the name Cloudpost VII will be a topic for a another time. Today, we’ll take a look at the history of the human race, which we had implemented in our Minecraft project aswell and now also in our point & click adventure.
Switch to german language to view the text in german.
Thanks to Knallkooepfe for the english translation!


Lim Era

Once, the planet of Ma’Orben was a cohesive world with one giant continent surrounded by sea and several gulfs. It had geological activity and fertile land and was inhabited by a very diverse flora and fauna.
The first traces of human activity surfaced approximately 20,000 years after the primal reptiles evolved. The communication between these prehistoric men was presumably limited to simple sounds. It is assumed that parts of this primal communication carried over into today’s modern language.
When the first groups of humans settled down on fertile land to cultivate crops, technological and cultural progress started to accelerate. Several of the discovered stone tablets depicting hieroglyphic spells are believed to originate from this time period.

Occu Era

Like animals, humans too started to form organized groups, evolving into tribes. The Elder had always been the wisest tribe members and were probably able to control magic in some way.

Drawings from that era depicted the cultural exchange between different tribes. If a marriage between known tribes was decided, the husband-to-be had to proof his bravery by traveling to his betrotheds camp without following the established routes. That way, he came across new fertile lands – or his demise.
Due to these traditions humans discovered the Ouis Rock which serves as the foundation of today’s Meeting Dome. For the people of that time the Ouis Rock had to be the most fertile place on Ma’Orben known to them. The first stone tools dated back to this period. Tribes developed their own unique dialects derived from the prehistoric language.


Heri Era

The first villages were founded and reshaped the landscape. Bast fiber huts were replaced by structures made out of wood and clay and organized deforestation enabled advanced agriculture. The rather primitive tools wore down quickly and soon magic was used to scan the earth for stronger materials. The Ouis Rock proved to be the largest above-ground and underground deposit of all sorts of metals and therefore the first metal tools were forged. Even then, Rock Ouis was home of a major trade center without equal.
New professions came with a broader allocation of tasks – until today people were called after their ancestors vocation.
During this time, strong descendants from a northern tribe, in the area today known as the Norr Territorio, succeeded their tribe elders through several bloody wars. From this day on, people in this region had more trouble accessing magic compared to tribes in other parts of Ma’Orben. The title of the tribe-elders changed in the other four major regions but they remained the most powerful magic users in their communities.


Kento Era

With the rise of commerce and the general population humans from different Territorio had to start communicating among each other. Merchants adapted more easily than the general public. The most magic competent humans sat together to pave the way for a uniformly used alphabet and grammar, followed by an educational system. They founded the world’s biggest academy in the Vale of Elua. Monks lived in the vale long before the magicians arrival. They committed themselves to documenting every existing plant in the world. The monks and the members of the academy engaged in jolly cooperation.

After several generations of education, people from rural areas felt left underprivileged compared to the much higher educated townspeople. They started to protest and rise up. Rurals and townspeople from Norr Territorio engaged in the most intense conflicts. The academy decided to send out teachers across the land. However, vast parts of the future Norr and Sude Territorio denied access to these wandering mages and from this time on, the Norr Territorio received the epihet of “the harsh people” and the people of Sude were called “the mute nation”. West and Azume Territorio flourished with the widespread education, as well as the Kordea Territorio with the Meeting Dome, which became the largest center of commerce and science of the time.

The mages in the Vale of Elua decided to separate education from magic studies and exclusively teach magic competent minors. They erected the black tower on an active volcano and the white tower on a mountain close to the vale. The Vale of Elua was renamed to Occu-Turris and the magic studies merged with the religious doctrine of the monks. Therefore the documentation of plants expanded to all materials and lifeforms and a temple was carved into the side of the vale’s tallest mountain. This and the constant rise of mining activity led to the discovery of new ores and minerals. History started to change when Cai Tolito discovered an anti-gravitational ore which changed the gravitational orientation of it’s surroundings while he was mining. The collected works of Tolito Uqua and his former teacher Mobu Uqua described following developments regarding the discovered ore volantit in detail. The academy kept the knowledge of pulverizing volantit ore and fusing it into a multiple times stronger crystal from the general public.


Jalu Era

Rather large cities were built, surrounded by numerous fields instead of forests to feed its ever rising population. Noticeable black smoke was rising from the smelteries outside the walls.
Advanced technology yielded a surplus of metal and the sunken prices led a teacher from West Territorio with the help of a befriended smith to the invention of the steam engine. It’s sole purpose was the grinding of rocks and geodes. The Teacher got rich because every smith and miner envied him for the machine. He opened his own school dedicated to steam engine research and development. He developed the first steam-driven airship with the help of his students. There have been earlier attempts to conquer the skies but all developed airships and balloons relied on the wind and/or hot air. The stream-driven airship however could sail directly upwind and could stay airborne almost indefinitely, only bound to the amount of coal and water it could carry.

An abundance of wares, not only of the metal kind, led the connection between smaller and larger communities and the formation of the five major regions, that in similar form still exist today.

Some mages of the vale corrupted and abandoned the peaceful ways of their ancestors. Many sold the knowledge around volantit to the mightiest kings of the time. Some even succumbed to the side of an till then unknown evil being that was more metal than flesh.

The kings of the Territorio ordered the secret research based on the acquired volantit knowledge. The West Territorio constructed flying fortresses armed with giant spikes on their bottom side. engineers of the Meeting Dome were ordered to build giant turrets for it’s defenses. A enormous matter shield, spanning five mountain massives in height and width, was built by the Sude Territorio. The scientists of the Azume Territorio discovered a way to unlock the magnetic traits of volantit. The harsh people of the Norr designed vials made out of blown volantit to gather souls of deceased beings. The peaceful relations between the regions came to a close and the great faction wars began.

During these extensive wars, the evil being of more metal than flesh, himself called Zaat Oia Uqua seized the moment to attack the fellowship of Occu-Turris. Besides the almost unnoticed conflicts of the mages strange undead machines wreaked havoc among monks and villagers alike. Nobody except for Nera, Kuziu and a handful of villagers escaped the battle. Contrary to the statements of Kuziu and Nera, all villagers declared that Lieutenant Stark struck down the leader Zaat Oia Uqua moments before he himself fell victim to the undead’s blades. Both of the Cai however stated that the apprentice Merf killed Zaat Oia Uqua and he should be celebrated as the hero instead of Lieutenant Stark. Nowadays, a in depth study of the vale of that time would be required to determine the true savior. This study however is not existent and the vale hasn’t been visited since. The only known fact is, that a mighty spell was cast shortly after the take-over of the vale and it changed the planet forever.
This event marked the end of the faction wars and the beginning of our current era.


Wessa Era

Excerpt from “The Last Sunrise”: “Suddenly, the earth trembled. Flocks of birds took to the sky and dogs ran from the well. Deep cracks appeared, emitting purple rays of light. Several jolts went through the earth and I dropped, what felt like two meters to the floor. The ground moved like rising dough and I with it. Anybody who was able to, ran for the airships and tried to save as many people as possible. As I clutched the stone necklace, I conjured the spell which my grandmother taught me and I levitated upwards, away from the place i once called home.”

The planet of Ma’Orben fractured, shattering into a million islands scattered across the surface. The Fragments started to rise up, propelled by large deposits of volantit in them levitating till this very day. Islands with very rich deposits literally boosted into space once the connection with the surrounding land severed. There has to be a correlation between volantit and fertile land, due to all capitals and their surrounding land, except the Meeting Dome and the capital of the West Territorio, staying connected during the event.

It took several decades until the chaos settled and the humans adapted to their new environment.
Thanks to the oldest of the Meeting Dome that they spend the most of their valantit crystals on paths and levitating bridges to each capitol of all Territorio. This opened up trading again.
Also in diplomatics were very less clashes in that time, most times a princedom wanted to be split from it’s Territorio.

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